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Your Treatment Sessions

'Treatment as unique as you are...'

No one person will experience a symptom, issue or condition, no matter what it is; be it anxiety, depression, fears or phobias or even a smoking habit, in exactly the same way as the next person. 


It is only logical, therefore, that treatment needs to be carefully tailored to you as the unique individual that you are and to your specific needs and requirements. Only in this way can we achieve the best possible outcome for you. And here at Curative Hypnotherapy, West Midlands, that is exactly what we do.  

The following provides an overview of what you can expect at your Initial Consultation and subsequent Curative Hypnotherapy treatment sessions. For Stop Smoking treatment, please click here).

'Every person's map of the world is as unique as their own thumbprint.

There are no two people alike.

No two people who understand the same sentence the same way...

So in dealing with people, you try not to fit them to your concept of what they should be.' 

~ Milton Erickson ~

The Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes)

Therapist and client talking

The Initial Consultation is our first opportunity to meet and establish the therapeutic relationship. It is vital for laying good and solid foundations for treatment to progress.


The purpose of this appointment is threefold; firstly for me to get a full and informed picture of how your issue / condition affects you, secondly for you to get an overview of the treatment and how it works and thirdly, should you feel comfortable to do so, for you to be introduced to the state of hypnosis and experience for yourself just how enjoyable and relaxing it actually is.  

Treatment is very much a process; one designed not just to help you manage your issue or condition but to enable you to be free of it entirely. As such, there can be no short cuts and it is vital that I have a fully informed background to your issue or condition so that nothing is missed. In this way, we can ensure that your symptom is disposed of; not just completely but permanently. By booking in, you have already begun that process and set the wheels in motion. 


To use an analogy; if you were to break your leg and attend the hospital for treatment, for instance, wouldn't you first of all expect the doctor to take an X-Ray to examine the leg and exactly what is going on, before proceeding with the operation to fix it? I suspect (and hope!) the answer is a resounding, 'yes!' In just the same way, I cannot proceed with treatment without first fully understanding more about your issue or condition. You are a not a diagnosis or a label but a unique individual and, whilst a condition might affect one person in a certain way, it will undoubtedly affect another person completely differently.


Therefore, in order that I can tailor and adapt my techniques to you and ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible, I first need to gain a full and complete understanding of how your issue is affecting you. I will need you to tell me in your own words more about how your issue has manifested, its duration and current severity, for instance. It is also important for me to be aware of any other treatments you may have had in the past and / or are currently undergoing, as well as any medications you may be taking. Any other relevant background information will be taken as we go along, with the opportunity to ask me questions as and when you wish. 

LCH Treatment Sessions (60 minutes)

Whilst you may well know when your problem started, what we don't yet know is why. It is therefore this information I am looking to identify in treatment. If you consciously knew why you are reacting in the way you are, you would most likely have put things right for yourself by now and would no longer be suffering. It therefore follows that the information we need must lie in the subconscious part of your mind. 


From this session onwards, I will therefore be working directly with your subconscious, using specific questioning and following the treatment through step by logical step to find out exactly why the symptom is needed and what purpose it is serving in preventing you from living the positive, fulfilled life you wish for. 

When working together, I will continue to adapt my techniques so as to suit you, thereby enabling you to respond optimally in treatment and fully enjoy the relaxation. This, in turn, will mean I will be able to get to the information I need as quickly and efficiently as possible and enable you to be free of your issue or condition, once and for all.

This process will then continue at subsequent sessions until I have fully unravelled the need or purpose behind your symptom and the underlying information down to its roots. Once I have collated this information, I can look to then correct and update any erroneous beliefs, perceptions, misinterpretations or misunderstandings within your subconscious, along with all of their effects, and thereby ensure that they cannot cause any problems for you in the future. As your subconscious absorbs and digests the new information and suggestions, things will update within you naturally and you will gradually find that your symptom or condition will effectively be disposed of; not just completely but permanently.*

* Still got questions? You may find the answers on our FAQs page!

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