Particularly when seeking a therapist, it is only natural and understandable that you would be keen to know of others' experiences before investing your time, money and, moreover, hope in a treatment and therapist you may know little to nothing about. 

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Since I provide a highly confidential service to my clients, it is obviously not possible for me to pass on contact details of any of my previous patients.  However, I have set out below some reviews, ratings and comments which past patients have kindly left on other sites, along with a link to the respective site for verification purposes.

Smoking - A Year On And Still Going Strong

UPDATE - 'A year on !!! Woo! Never have I EVER made it to a year before! I genuinely forgot that I had ever smoked the other day but I had a reminder come up about my session on my calendar! Wendy Mitcham Curative Hypnotherapy, West Midlands thank you so much!'

'I now have the confidence to get in the swimming pool and swim!'

'I had been very frightened of swimming all my life. Dreadful experiences at school with my teacher. Now, later in life and wanting to join in with friends on holiday, I thought it was time to find help. Thank goodness I found Wendy. Though approx 8 hypnotherapy sessions I now have the confidence to get in the swimming pool and finally I have managed to swim. Thank you Wendy for being so kind to me and for helping me achieve my goal. Anyone struggling and needing help with challenges in life, give Wendy a call. You have to play your part too but you will be guided all the way. Wendy, I will be eternally grateful to you.'

Julie (Google) 13.10.19

No Urge, Need or Want to have a Cigarette; Just Proud to be a Non Smoker

Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking -

UPDATE - '11 weeks on and I'm still going strong. No need or want to have a cigarette. I've spent a lot of time around new people who have been drinking and smoking and socialising and I really thought I would struggle with this. I can honestly say I haven't ! No urges to have "just one drag" or even just one cigarette. It's very easy to make the conscious decision to walk away when there is no urge. I tend to not even notice when people are smoking now. I'm extremely proud I have turned this part of my life around and got rid of this horrible, expensive habit: I couldn't have done it without the help of Wendy!'

                   Becky (Google) 29.09.19

Non Smoker with No More Niggles for Nicotine!

'Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking - I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy. Had never tried it, didn't believe it could work for me, didn't feel like I could relax enough. I was completely wrong! I've never felt more comfortable with a stranger as I did when I went to see Wendy. I've tried many routes for quitting smoking and none have ever worked! I've always still had that niggle in the back of my mind that I'm an "ex" smoker, always still had that niggle for nicotine. I tried this due to a family friend having such a good experience and that she has never smoked since and now I know why! I feel completely different within myself and feel like I haven't smoked at all... I do however feel like I've forgot to do something as I'm always used to going for a cigarette rather than relaxing :) It is now my 5th day as a non smoker, so I've always thought that was very early on, but I couldn't recommend it enough.'

Becky (Facebook) 16.07.19

The Mind is a Powerful Thing over the Body and the Result is Here To See...

'I was researching hypnotherapy hoping it would help us conceive after 2 years of trying, having been recommended it by a friend who get pregnant, and who partially attributed the success to the complementary therapies she’d had. Being 37, I knew time was short, so was interested by the ‘curative’ aspect of Wendy’s treatment. I’d had traditional hypnotherapy before, once to help with focus to achieve something (which worked well), and later with another practitioner for fertility (with NLP) (which I wasn’t impressed with). Wendy is a consummate professional, and explained the treatment well - to dig deep and get to the root cause of the issue, rather than just cover up the symptoms temporarily. I’d been telling myself for 20-odd years that I never wanted kids, and it is totally reasonable to expect that I was surreptitiously blocking my own fertility. The mind is a powerful thing over the body, as reams of psychological research shows (I am a scientist myself). I had about 7 sessions with Wendy, she always put me at ease, very friendly yet professional, and I enjoyed the sessions. It’s not a passive treatment, you have to put effort in, but the result is here for everyone to see as my bump develops. We changed a few things during this time, but I strongly believe that the treatment with Wendy helped persuade some inner voices, and definitely contributed to a good outcome. Thanks Wendy! (contact details available on request)'

Liz (Google) 03.11.18

I've Found 'Me' Again!

'Wendy has helped me this year to become more positive about things, regain my confidence and really find 'me' again. Very patient and always willing to talk. I knew little about any form of hypnotherapy when I first spoke to her but she explained things so clearly I felt extremely comfortable throughout all our sessions. No hesitation in recommending her.'

No Hesitation in Recommending

'I have no hesitation at all in recommending Wendy. She is a highly accomplished curative hypnotherapist with a thorough knowledge of her craft and a kind and compassionate manner. The fact that Wendy has benefitted from curative hypnotherapy as a patient herself gives her a unique insight into this advanced treatment.'

Would Recommend To Anyone...

'I saw Wendy about my anxiety, which I suffered with for 17 years. It took quite a few visits but we got there in the end. Wendy was very patient and understanding and did everything she could to give me my life back. I am so grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone.'

No More Letting Stress Take Control Of My Life!

'I met Wendy through a recommendation from a close friend. I am so pleased that I met Wendy as she has helped me transform my life for the better. No more letting stress take control of my life. I would highly recommend Wendy for anyone that wants to better themselves. Thank you Wendy.'

Hazz (Facebook) 26.05.17

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